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This is the kind of customer service they provide and how they talk to consumers! This is the emails I got from a representative of this company. When I spoke to someone wanting to talk to Management, I got the same rudeness.

From: Sales [] Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 3:32 PMTo: PriceSubject: RE: Order # OCMX 13066 CC Problems

Please do! I will tell the managers to keep an eye out for it.


________________________________________From: Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 2:28 PMTo: "" Subject: RE: Order # OCMX 13066 CC ProblemsMr. White,Very professional email you sent me, I will be sure to forward your response to your management team so they know what kind of people they have performing customer service.Regards.PriceManaging Partner

From: Sales [] Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 3:25 PMTo:PriceSubject: RE: Order # OCMX 13066 CC Problems

We cancelled the order! Try an enter your info correctly next time to avoid these kind of issues. It's not rocket science


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Amazing company!I have ordered from multiple times and I must say smooth sailing.

No issues whatsoever.

Cheap prices, very fast shipping and they double box everything.Great guys to deal with.

to Jimmy Dean Portland, Oregon, United States #783151

You're totally lying.


As Bob and Jeff most recently pointed out, these guys are crooks.They shipped a bookshelf in a flimsy box that resulted in damage.

When I asked to return it, they demanded I pay the cost to ship it to me and to return it. Then, when I agreed to this, they refused to pick up the item and demanded that I throw it away myself or else pay their 25% restocking fee!

Never, ever use these guys.They cannot be trusted at all.


I ordered an entertainment center from them that could not be assembled per the instructions.They told me to work it out with the manufacturer.

They put me in the middle.

Read their return policy ahead of time.The policy is written very tricky - making it impossible to return a product that is defective.

Comer, Georgia, United States #193354

They shipped defective product. They wanted me to pay shipping and restocking fee for return of defective product. Beware.


The OP probably should be happy that she got any response.I've left numerous VMs and emails and still haven't received my replacement product after the first one arrived damaged, being the wrong model, and being OVERCHARGED for it.

It's been two weeks now and sadly I will be going the CC dispute route very shortly.

Maybe OneClickMX USED to have good service.Not with my experience thus far.


The customer was embarrased her credit card had declined and when our company contacted her for a new credit card number she was very rude to our staff. We told her we would not supply her with the product and we cancelled her order. Our 5 star ratings speak for themselves we just happened to get a bad apple that took the time to make up a fake email because she was upset and embarrased her card declined and we cancelled her order due to how unprofessional she spoke to my sales team.

to Tony Richards Portland, Oregon, United States #783152

The only reason that has a high rating anywhere is because you flood the sites with positive reviews. It's obvious they are all written by the same person.

It's crooks like you that make Internet shopping a pain. Creep.

Lisa Price

:( Claim to be a 5 star company!BEWARE!

The emails show you the lack of professionalism and tact in those they chose to represent them.The people you choose to represent you as a company says a LOT about who you really are!

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